about escalator cleaning
Escalators have become a vital part of life in the 21st century: carrying more of us to our destination faster than if we had to use the stairs or share an elevator. It is because of this intense use and constant movement that escalators must also be cleaned regularly. This maintenance requires they be turned off and not utilized while the sheets of metal on the motorized track are removed and washed by hand. This process can take hours, and sometimes more than just one day to complete.

If you want to keep your service disruption to a minimum, while preserving the aesthetic integrity of your property, and diminishing the down time we have the solution.

Our escalator cleaner scrubs, cleans and dries this impressive piece of engineering in a timely fashion, without damaging it....
Features & Benefits
The chemical has been specifically formulated for use on all types of escalators. Dirt is removed by chemical action combined with gentle and effective friction, as the brushes serve to transport the dirt onto a collection tray from where it is removed by vacuum to a holding tank.

Dramatic cost savings compared to conventional cleaning methods
No need to remove the steps, cleaning done in-situ.
Cleaning is undertaken on-site, after hours.
Overnight cleaning ensuring the escalator is ready for traffic at the start of the day.
The step and riser of the escalator are cleaned right to the edges in a single operation.
Efficiently and effectively removes grease, spillage's, stones, foreign objects.

Escalator Cleaning Video

About EFCO Inc & Escalator Cleaning
"Escalator Cleaning" is a service of EFCO Inc. The Rotomac 360 is the first and only escalator deep-cleaning machine in the world that simultaneously deep-cleans the vertical and horizontal parts of an escalator step.